Direct Admission in Management Courses in Bangalore

Admission in Management Courses in Bangalore

Colleges Offering Direct Admission in Management Courses in Bangalore

It has been established time and time again that Bangalore is the best MBA destination in the country. There are so many institutes in Bangalore that offer management courses but many of those offer admission on the basis of entrance exam percentiles like CAT, XAT, PGCET, MAT, and CMAT. The cutoff percentiles have been rising and the competition is as cut-throat as ever. The best institutes of the city take only high ranking individuals and an average student is left behind to think about career choices apart from their desired courses. This calls for an alternative approach and that is direct admissions.

Direct admissions offer eligibility criteria but the catch is you don’t have to depend on entrance exam marks or any other percentages or cutoffs. Direct Admissions work best for students wanting to get admission independent of marks or percentages. Bangalore has more than 100 colleges for management courses. Though the top MBA colleges in Bangalore still depend on entrance exam marks many top notch colleges give direct admissions and some top colleges even have some reserved seats for direct admission process. MBA admissions in Bangalore are a big thing after all.

Apart from MBA, there many other courses available in management like BBA, BCom etc. BBA admission in Bangalore is fairly similar to MBA and the list of BBA colleges in Bangalore is also similar.

The top colleges include:



After all, it is said and done that MBA and other management courses can create a very big hole in your pockets. So while zeroing in on a college you need to factor in this highly influential perspective of choosing an MBA college. This is of real importance while choosing colleges offering admission based on entrance exams and ranks. The above-mentioned colleges offer concessions in fees and as these colleges are mostly centrally paid they offer high standard courses at nominal fees. The entire list of MBA colleges in Bangalore however, holds a management quota for students and these seats can be very costly.

In the end, all these colleges are offering the same degree. Yes, the college environment and course quality matters, but only to a certain extent. After that, it all comes down to the student and the student’s dedication to taking their career to new heights. So be careful with your choice of college and give a good amount of thought as to what you want to achieve your degree.



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