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Admission in BBA Colleges in Bangalore


BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate course which is getting quite popular in India. One of the primary reasons behind it is an increasing interest of youth towards entrepreneurial and managerial roles. While securing a bachelor’s degree in the course may not land you at a high post but lays a strong foundation for a lucrative career ahead as one gets great knowledge about corporate management, business handling, communication etc. Further, it is the perfect option for students aiming to do an MBA and provides them with an upper hand over others who are still new to understanding how an organization works.

While one may be considering BBA as an option for their graduation, it may be noted that just getting a degree is not sufficient. As the course is not based on only theoretical knowledge but requires one to have some practical exposure too, it becomes necessary to choose a college and a place that provides the students with better opportunities. Bangalore, the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ is not only home to renowned companies but some reputed colleges that can give you the desired platform. Rightly called the hub of education, Bangalore is just the right place to pursue your degree course in Business Administration.

There are many reputed management colleges in Bangalore providing undergraduate courses in Business Administration. Some of the top BBA colleges in Bangalore are:


If you wish to seek an admission to the BBA course in Bangalore, then you have to secure at least 40% in your Intermediate results. The basic score criteria may change for different colleges. In addition to it, a BBA entrance exam is conducted by most of the BBA colleges in Bangalore that you need to qualify in order to secure a seat in the college. Also, some of the colleges keep a fixed number of seats for direct admissions in BBA under the management quota. Students who do not secure a credible score in the entrance exam can get a seat in their preferred college under this quota; however, they will have to pay a little bit more.


BBA in Bangalore is the road for students seeking better career opportunities. You will not only get to study in the best BBA colleges in Bangalore under the guidance of proficient teachers and professors but will also get the required industry exposure. Who knows you may be able to lock an internship in a renowned company which will not only remain as an impressive head in your portfolio but will greatly add to your knowledge as a professional.

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