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About Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

Mount Carmel College
 is one of the foremost institutions to empower women through education in India. The college was founded in the year 1948 and is maintained by the sorority of the Carmelite Sisters of Saint Teresa order. The founder of the Mount Carmel College of Bangalore is a strong and perseverant woman named Mary Grace who sought to use learning and education as a weapon to be used against patriarchy and every kind of social evil that tends to derogate women. She sought to spread the love of God through her mission for human rights, women’s rights, gender and social justice and other such ethical and sociological parameters. Her dedication to education for women was historic and stupendous. The college is administered by the CSST sisterhood who spread the holy gospel of Jesus Christ amongst the students of the college.

Mount Carmel College
is renowned for its dynamism and superior quality of education. It focuses on the holistic development of a student and is primarily run as a college for Catholic and Christian women. Nonetheless, the college is secular in spirit and embraces every student regardless of her caste, creed and religion.

Mount Carmel College of Bangalore envisages a life for women that are seamlessly and significantly suffused with education. It is the very essence of the college to visualize education as a mechanism of empowerment to liberate students from the shackles of ignorance and societal evils.

Mount Carmel College is the beacon of constructive academics and is determined to enrich and enlighten the generations with the supreme knowledge to enable them to keep pace with the swiftly evolving global space. The college aims to enlighten its students in a way to enable them to respond fearlessly and intelligently to the inherent conflicts of the world today.



It is the solemn vision of Mount Carmel College to empower every woman through integral, superlative quality and value-based enlightening education by raising the economically and socially marginalized sections of the society to forge an integrated civilization of literacy and love.

The inherent objectives of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore include:

Promotion of education that is based on social and ethical values.

Contribution to the evolving society through shouldering of social responsibilities.

Spreading awareness of rudimentary human rights amongst women of every sector of the society.

Promotion of intercultural and interreligious tolerance and harmony amongst women.

Instalment of leadership and expertise to enable them to achieve social self-liberation on their own.

Provision of excellent, integrated, professional and career-oriented education to conjure an atmosphere of enlightening excellence.

The Courses offered in Mount Carmel college under undergraduate and postgraduate programs are commerce, science, humanities, design and applied science. The facilities of research provided in the college are renowned across India and the college is registered with DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial research) and recognized by the same as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Mount Carmel College Bangalore is affiliated with the University of Bangalore. It is an institution for minorities but the doors are open to admissions of all creeds, castes and religions. The college is accredited with A+ by NAAC and is recognized by the UGC. Mount Carmel College admission 2018-19 is currently under process.

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